Application for admission:

The application process starts at the mainstream school where the learner is placed. It is initiated by the principal in collaboration with the psychologist of the relevant Education District. They complete the departmental application form and attach all available documentation (e.g., reports from educators, therapists, psychologists, physicians and other professional role players). Thereafter, the application for admission to Jan Kriel School is directed to and managed by the Western Cape Education Department. No applications can be submitted directly to the school.

If the placement committee recommends that a placement candidate has been approved and a suitable place is available, arrangements are made for admission. If there is no place for the learner, the learner’s name is placed on a waiting list.

Learners are allowed on a provisional basis and placement is reconsidered at the end of each academic year.

In terms of the policy of the Western Cape Education Department, learners from other provinces may not be admitted to Jan Kriel School unless agreed to by the Department of Special Education.


When parents move from one residential area or province to another, a transfer for a learner from a similar OLSO school can be arranged provided that there is an appropriate place in the school system. The psychologist of his / her current school must send the learner’s profile and other available information (indicating the learner’s specific needs and how to address it) send to the Metropole East Education District of the Western Cape Education Department for approval before being sent to Jan Kriel School.

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