Why Jan Kriel?


Jan Kriel School offers tuition to learners from the foundation phase up to Grade 12. The curriculum is offered according to the National Revised Curriculum Statement, the same as that of mainstream schools. At the end of Grade 12 learners will write the National Senior Certificate Examination of the Department of Basic Education.

Roughly two thirds of the learner population of Jan Kriel School are Afrikaans speaking and about one third are English speaking. We strive to unite English and Afrikaans speaking learners in a close community where the language and culture of both groups are respected and promoted.

From Grades 1 to 9 learners are grouped according to their language medium of instruction. From Grades 10 to 12 Afrikaans- and English-speaking learners are accommodated in parallel medium class and subject groups. In exceptional cases learners will be grouped together in double medium classes for subjects of choice.

What makes Jan Kriel different?

1. Classes are significantly smaller compared to mainstream education.

2. Teaching techniques are adapted to meet the special educational needs of learners.

3. We strive to promote the scholastic progress of learners, restore their confidence and self-esteem and equip them with the necessary skills for reintegration into mainstream education, if possible.

4. Teamwork is an important aspect of the services that are rendered at the school. The involvement and cooperation between members of the team (educators, support staff, parents and learners) is essential to ensure that every learner’s barriers to learning is acknowledged and optimally addressed.

5. An extensive support team is available to address and support the physical, social, emotional and academic needs. The team facilitates and supports the development of learners and promotes the accommodation of the learner in the school and curriculum. 

The support team included members of the following professions:
• Educational Psychologist
• Counsellor
• Social Worker
• Professional Nurses
• Occupational Therapists
• Physiotherapists
• Speech language and Hearing Therapists
• Learning support teacher

6. The school has learning laboratories in both the primary and high school that focus on the management and coordination of learning support and assessment accommodations in the school.

7. Jan Kriel School is a resource centre where the staff share their knowledge, skills and experience with parents, learners and educators of other special schools and mainstream schools who accommodate learners with barriers to learning. 

Typical profile of learner at Jan Kriel School:

Learners who benefit most from placement at Jan Kriel School are learners who, despite adequate cognitive abilities as to comprehension, reasoning, abstract thinking, verbal expression and retention, experience barriers to development and learning.

These specific barriers to learning may manifest / include the following significant impediments:


Language development (comprehension and / or verbal expression, reading, spelling and / or written language)



Inability to maintain concentration and to complete tasks due to a short attention span and / or hyperactivity


Specific learning needs that could not be addressed adequately in mainstream education

Sensory constrictions (visual or auditory) that can be addressed by the correct pair glasses or appropriate hearing aid / device


Medical or physical conditions that include epilepsy and physical disability


At Jan Kriel School tuition is offered from Grade R to Grade 12 according to the National Curriculum. Individual learning programmes as well as smaller class groups are conducive to our team approach and remedial outlook.